Eye care in Denver

Eye Care in Denver

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Eye allergies in Denver

Eye care in Denver
Eye care in Denver

Eye allergies are painful and annoying, but at Sowash Optometry Group, our eye care in Denver office can give patients the relief they need. Certain times of year tend to aggravate eye allergies, in which they become itchy, red and irritated. Watery eyes can also be a problem. Certain seasons can trigger eye allergies in many people, at which time they try finding relief in over the counter drops or other avenues. However, Sowash can diagnose and treat the problem immediately.

Irritated eyes can also stem from infections that develop from contact lens use. Risk factors for infection include using extended wear lenses, less tear exchange and moisture under the lens, bacteria getting into the lens either via the case or other ways, and environmental factors. Contact lenses should always be rinsed and have minimal contact with water. Also, lens cases should be replaced often to avoid risk of contaminants. One common eye infection is called keratitis, an infection of the cornea. Symptoms include blurry vision, redness, pain and increased sensitivity to light. If it is not treated at our eye care in Denver office, it can cause vision loss or even blindness.

Allergies can also cause dry eyes. Dry eyes are a common condition caused and aggravated by weather conditions, allergies and pet dander. Dry eyes can cause discomfort and even corneal damage if not treated properly. Dry eye syndrome can be chronic or seasonal. Windy, sunny weather conditions, dry climates and a dry environment can worsen the problem.Treatment options for dry eyes and allergies may range from eye drops to avoiding the allergens that are irritating the eyes. Prescription pills and prescription eye drops may be administered if the problem is more severe. If you are suffer from constant, uncomfortable eye allergies, feel free to come in to our eye care in Denver office for an appointment to learn more.

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