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Dry eyes in South Denver

South Denver optometrist
South Denver optometrist

If you suffer from dry eyes, call Sowash Optometry Group today. Our South Denver optometrist can help diagnose and treat your allergies and dry eyes right away. Allergies and allergens as well as dry climate changes and windy conditions can exacerbate the dry eyes symptoms. Dry eyes are a common condition. They can be irritated by weather conditions, allergies and pet dander. Dry eyes can also cause corneal damage if they are not treated properly. Chronic dry eye can happen as a result of a lack of tear production. If the eyes do not produce enough quality tears, they cannot keep up with evaporation and can create a problem.

Dry eye syndrome can be chronic or seasonal. At Sowash Optometry Group we treat and diagnose eye allergies and help patients find relief immediately, so they can go back to their normal activities. Windy and sunny weather conditions can worsen dry eyes. Females, the elderly, those who have had LASIK surgery, and those with rheumatoid arthritis are also more at risk for dry eye. Treatment options include eye drops and avoiding allergens if possible. Prescription pills and prescription eye drops prescribed by our South Denver optometrist may be administered for more severe cases. We also provide relief for a variety of other eye diseases and dysfunctions.

If these treatment methods do not help, we may recommend surgery or specially designed tear duct plugs to help the dry eyes resolve. Patients can come in first for an eye exam to check the eyes for diseases and conditions that may not be noticed otherwise on a regular basis as well as to check the dry eye condition. Don’t wait until allergy season is underway, contact our South Denver optometrist today for more information on getting the treatment you need at Sowash Optometry Group.

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