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Sunglass Store Denver

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Denver sunglasses

Sowash Optometry Group is a sunglass store Denver offering patients the best in frames, eyeglasses and sunglasses. We want you to get the best pair of sunglasses you can find, because they will help protect your eyes from eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma. Glaucoma cannot be cured but eye surgery can help to alleviate symptoms and stop vision loss before it starts getting worse. It is a common eye disease that happens to people as they age. Having a regular eye exam each year can help to detect it early, along with cataracts.

Cataracts are caused by clouding in the lens of the eye. As the cataracts progress, patients may experience impaired vision. Cataracts can be repaired with surgery as well, by removing the clouded lens and implanting an artificial lens in its place, creating clearer vision. Cataract surgery can be done in under an hour and patients are usually in and out of the office quickly. Local anesthesia is used, and after the procedure most patients experience very good vision. Wearing sunglasses from our sunglass store Denver can help protect the eyes and prevent cataracts from developing more quickly.

Glaucoma surgery at our sunglass store Denver is quick and simple and can be done in our offices bas well. Call our offices today for an appointment to check for glaucoma or cataracts. Or call us to make an annual eye appointment, and get started on the path to better eye wellness today. Keeping track of eye health is the best way to ensure eyes are seeing clearly for years to come. If you want to try on a pair of sunglasses, just come in and one of our friendly staff members can help you. We’re here to answer questions, schedule appointments and tell you more about our exciting new vision services.

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